Visit my Flickr page for samples of my recent work! Auto Racing photography I began my “career” as a racing ph... Details

NHRA Examiner

In the off-season between the 2010 and 2011 Full Throttle Drag Racing seasons, I took on the title of NHRA Examiner. Dra... Details

Joe Gibbs Racing Examiner

At the beginning of the 2011 NASCAR season in February I took on the title of JGR Examiner, taking a weekly look at one ... Details

Motorsports Travel Examiner

I adopted the title of National Motorsports Travel Examiner for in September 2010. This title allows me to ... Details

Buffalo Examiner

As a life-long resident of Buffalo, New York, I’ve come to love the area – in spite of and sometimes because of the ... Details

Skirts & Scuffs

I discovered Skirts & Scuffs in January 2010 and saw it as an opportunity to join a group of women who loved the sp... Details

Yahoo! Voices

When I began the second part of my writing life in February 2009, my first published pieces were as a contributor at Ass... Details